About me

Hi! My name is Anna Tsyganova.

This post about who I am, where got out, how evolved and what I'm doing.

I was born on the 6th of September 1993 in the Krasnoyarsk city.
Many people ask me how I have time? Usually I say: like so!

or "I don't sleep!"

I'm just kidding. :)

play piano
To tell the truth, I was super active since my childhood. My mother tried to make me a "real girl" – so when I was 3 I started visiting different elective classes, such as music, gymnastic and art. Gymnastics gave me a good stretch and tempered character music school - the love of music, art studio - as it turned out after 10 years, the first step to a future profession.

With father and older brother Anton

My love for the sport appeared  by itself, constant training , workshops, school competitions .  When I was 10, gave up gymnastics, and tried myself in great specter of sports - athletics, dancing, swimming, equestrian sport...

I like climbing from the very beginning. My father used to take me to the “Stolby” (Russian famous national park), I climbed everywhere - on the trees, on the rocks . My father is a great  mountaineer , champion of Russia, and of course my first coach . After some years he took me to the rocks, climbing walls , and I was as happy as when I received “Raffaelo” sweets.

My gymnastic trainers took place in the same room, and I used to watch climbers, thinking how amazing they are.

Finally, after 11 years, my dream has come true - my father took me to the same room, only this time on the wall , not on the carpet. I met a wonderful coach Alice Grachyova, who raised almost all of the Krasnoyarsk stars .
first competition

From the first days, I like the difficulty and bouldering . Progress came fast. On first Russian competitions, I took second place in difficulty , third in the speed and first in the overall. I remember that a couple of months after I should have primacy in Kirov, Russia. I was preparing 
 difficulty, as usual, but accidently failed in qualifying . I cried a lot, got sick , but eventually won speed with a temperature 38.6. There is no morality , but in 2013 in St. Petersburg , I became second, also, with hard temperature. 

At the age of 13 I received the first injury - a knee. Apparently, it hasn't healed completely , causing a hernia got out of the spine in 2012 . Only after that I repaired knee, but still afraid to touch my back.

In general , injury plagued me from the very beginning of climbing - Pull fingers wrist , heart problems, back, knees. The doctors do not even want to let me to the competitions, but puberty is over and everything is more or less to improve.

2010 has changed my life. The devil possessed me to go to the architect-designer, which I still sometimes regret , but mostly enjoy . During the preparation for exams, my ass became bigger, so I failed to get to youth team for difficulty, but somehow got the speed. I’ve been climbing for 2 week in the Crimea (Ukraine), and 2.5 weeks in Moscow at the training camp. At the time, "standard" wall was introduces for all competitions, and  immediately it began to turn out. In short period of time, I won the world championship and received a ticket to the world of adult competitions.

Yough World Championship 2010

Can’t say that it was easy, all my body was hurt in training camp, at the same time, a lot of preparation for the exams. Those days, I began to learn properly adjusted for the start, and understood that all the work does not go in vain. Working, training, enduring the pain - the result will come. It seems to me  like a fee for the result, or something good in your life.

World Championship 2011, Arco (Italy)

In 2011 I wanted to try myself in adult competitions. On the first World Cup became 5, at the World Championships in Arco was second, after the disease has won the World Youth Championship, earned a quota on the team and the money to go on the rocks.

World Championship 2011, Arco (Italy)

World YoughChampionship 2011,Imst (Austria)

Crimea, a red stone, 2006
All my life I was in love with rocks. In Krasnoyarsk, climbed on “Stolby”, at aged 12 went to the Crimea for the first time, 14 in Europe, 15 first climbed 8a in Spain - it was a wild breakthrough, happiness without bounds. In 2012, switching to speed, climbed 8a+ in Slovenia. In 2013 first 8b in Spain. Now rocks are my main motivation, you can even call the "meaning" of my climbing life. It is an incomparable freedom, especially after you climbed the same benchmark 1000 times.

Slovenia 2012, Solnce v ohah 8a+
Slovenia 2012, chikita 8a

Spain (Rodellar) 2013, El Delphin 7c+

Spain (Rodellar) 2013, Kanabica 8b

I’ve ​​never really loved speed climbing, and still do not like, sometimes even hate. However, this is the only way to make money to go on the rocks today. I like to climb something new, something I climbed before, and just climb.

With coach Olga, Imst 2011
Tried boulder (logical, when your coach Olga Bibik), felt it’s real for me to reach a high level, but now with 7 millimeters sticks in the spinal disc and without 2 \ 3 menisci in the knee, I understand I shouldn’t take it serious. Now I exercise in all and touch speed only two weeks before the start, for me it’s optimally. Otherwise I started breaking down inside and outside. I climb mostly with Olga Bibik, Ira Kuz'menko , Galey Terentyeva , and of course with my dad . Moreover, like climbing with people from other cities, in other simulators - you can see different techniques and level, take something for yourself, show something.

Tune before the starts in different ways. I’d learned how to mobilize yourself completely before the speed, even in a bad shape I can get together and show a good result. At this moment is better don’t touch me, I can hit or swear, talk only with coach. With difficulty or Boulder things are different the simpler attitude, the easier to act . I try to go out with a smile and don’t think about anything. It is important to catch the right wave, be in harmony with adrenaline , excitement , head, body and track. Very often happens that even untrained and thick, performed quite well. But one rule is the most crucial, never think about the result, prizes, future success, and so on . It breaks down everything. So, on questions like , " ready to win? " Dryly reply - " will see."

Arco, 2011, ready to kill everyone before the start

In competitions is very important harmony of the body inside and outside, full interaction with the head. So, a couple of weeks before the start I normally do not eat meat and do yoga every day. I drive away all thoughts about the start, don’t do anything bad to people and try to smile as much as possible.

About smile. I try to smile all the times, even when I lose. Bad experience is also an experience when you learn from your mistakes.

But I have one competition, after which I couldn’t smile is World Cup 2012 in Paris. After it I had a month-long depression. You know, every cloud has a silver lining – my ass lost 8 kg of weight, and very important person came into my life and pulled me out of the sludge. Here again confirmed the idea that all the work and pain are reborn into something good.

About help. No matter how strong you are, still you’ll have moments of feeling like a complete crap. At such times, it is very important to have someone nearby. My main rescuers are dad and best friend (Ira Kuzmenko) - they know me better than I. Great help comes from coach, mom, Olezha, brother and friends. I from my side try to help people, support family and friends; I believe in karma and try not to spoil it. Spend a lot of time with friends.
With mom and dad

With best friend Ira Kuzmenko

 Studying at the Institute of Architecture and Design has an effect. Study very hard, you can not afford to go on the rocks because of the rigid framework, you always have to do something - to paint, to draw, to think , to invent , to spend 4 days without sleep beside the computer. But heck, that's cool . I always liked to develop in different directions, to learn something new , do something different and do not stand still. Drawing is sometimes the only thing that helps us understand what is going on inside you. Design of different objects makes it possible to show your personal vision, your ideas.


Architecture project

Paitwork "psychology of color"

another project


Plain air in St. Petersburg

night before exam

More help I can get from music. It is a huge part of my life. Together with it and with it my ​​dreams come true. This way one my dream was fulfilled in the summer 2012, when my brother and I (he is actually a musician) went to the concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers. We were happy. I listen almost everything - from disco to hardcore, but mostly rock (except Russian), hate Russian rap and pop music. Russian music has the same problem as Russian roads – put in a lot of money, but no results. There are decent performers, but they could be counted on the fingers.
With brother before RHCP
I rest in different ways - lie on the couch, read books, walk, go to clubs, exhibitions, theater. I love all sorts of " adventure ", like climb on an abandoned ski jump; hitchhiking with best friend to another city; take a dip in the puddles after a rainstorm; to tear sneakers and come home barefoot; to bathe in the Yenisei river when it’s –30  degree outside; run 9 km to the nearest village for ice cream; bull eggs from a slingshot; do yoga on the mountain when the first snow came; run around the Hermitage to make a photo of your favorite band’s drummer. So many things is to have fun.
With Chad Smith (drummer RHCP) in Hermitage

With boyfriend in Barcelona, 2013

Traveling became part of life. I can not sit still more than a month, always on the way to the competition, rocks . Rock climbing has enabled a very early age to look at the world, and it's so different . Now go somewhere is a priority,  learn something new, visit new places, see the differences and similarities. For my future profession it’s a big advantage because you have seen how people live in all parts of the world, and know how they make something in other cities and countries. In the end, when all sorts of the information passes through you, you can create interesting, new and relevant things

My room
Ride in Barcelona, 2013

Australia 2008

In Paris, near beloved Kandinsky
In general, I do what I want, I try not to stand still and grow. :)

Find out what I'm listening at the moment you can here: http://www.lastfm.ru/user/Tsyganova_78
See pictures here: http://instagram.com/tsyganovaclimb
Special thanks to:
SCARPA - for the cool  climbing shoes
Adidas - for equipment
Siberian Federal University - for funding and education

Have fun! Enjoy!

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